New feature: Reporting with Google Spreadsheets

What’s new

We’ve doubled-down and enhanced our beloved Solve Google Sheets integration. Improving on traditional CRM reports, we’ve made it simple to personalize your own. Find answers to specific questions, using simple Excel-like spreadsheets you’re already comfortable with.

We’ve provided tutorials for specific examples including Sales Pipeline, Sales Funnel, Sales Team Performance and Quarterly Sales reports. Each report progressively demonstrates the flexibility and usefulness of Solve and Google Sheets, smartly integrated to create practical business dashboards.

These reports fit your business, focusing only on data elements important to you. They’re simple, meaningful and because you made them, you can trust them.

The benefits

You understand the importance of measuring and positioning, so you search for opportunities to grow your business through efficiency; saving resources. But canned reports cater to a wide variety of businesses, limiting their ability to narrow down and answer your unique business questions. Old reporting methods are bulky and require manual exporting, importing and cleaning up of data #time-consuming, #error-prone, #annoying. Eliminate these distractions.

“Solve for Google Sheets” pulls data directly from your Solve CRM account into Google Spreadsheets making it easy to generate personalized reports. It extends the same powerful custom searching features available inside Solve to Google Spreadsheets and provides settings to customize output formats making it easy to make simple, useful reports.

  • Summarize and visualize business health

  • Filter and analyse data

  • Update reports in one-click

Intelligent CRM and spreadsheet integration hands you the control, so you can independently filter and analyze your business data, in an environment that’s familiar to you.

Let’s create some reports …