New feature: Real-time duplicate resolution

Solve now shows if there are any matching records to the one you’re working on and offers you a one-click option to merge them.

When you open or update a contact or company record the system will automatically check if there are any other records in the system that appear to be the same as the one you’re currently working on. If any are found a special message is displayed below the details header. Hovering over the item name will show you the details behind it, clicking on the link will merge the two records.

Currently, merging records will copy each field value, category tag and activity from the newest record to the oldest record, then the newest record will be deleted. Empty fields in the newest record will not over-write fields with values in the oldest record.

For contact it checks if they (A) have the same email (regardless of the field) or (B) have the same name plus:

  • A matching phone field (regardless of formatting), or a matching address field, or a matching company name, or
  • When the phone, address and company values are all not set

Companies are checked by simply having a matching name.

To avoid unexpected results, duplicates are checked against records having the same owner e.g. in the same workgroup.

See Duplicate checking when importing contacts announcement for updated duplicate checking criteria.