New feature: “Queue a follow-up”

“It’s not your customer’s job to remember you. It’s your responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you.” - Patricia Fripp

You need to keep tabs on situations to get the outcome you want. Event and Task activities will get them on your radar, but those activities have many options to set and a growing list will quickly clutter up your calendar.

When your inside voice says “hey we need to pay attention to this”, now you can just add a light-weight Follow-up to the related contact, company or project blog to get the details out of your head and into a shared list that’s easy to manage.

Generally Follow-ups don’t interrupt your day and completing them doesn’t require much preparation or time. At points during the work week that inside voice would say “lets knock off some follow-ups now”. Attentiveness impresses clients and moves the initiatives forward until they pay off.

When it’s time to jump on your Follow-ups open their special report where working through them is a breeze.

Quite often it takes a few attempts before you close a business initiative. Follow-ups have a neat feature called “bump”, when clicked will re-queue the Follow-up for a future date, and log the action so you have a history to refer to next time.

Differences between Follow-up, Task and Event activities

</tbody> </table>
  Follow-up Task Event
Title - yes yes
Description yes yes yes
Attendees - - yes
Responsible optional optional -
Date optional optional required
Bump to new date yes - -
Email notification optional optional optional
Email reminder optional optional optional
Email on completion - yes -
Priority optional optional optional
Repeatable - - optional
Mark as complete yes yes optional
Shows on Calendar - yes yes
Shows on Next Actions - yes yes
Shows on Follow-up report yes - -
Syncs with Google - yes yes
On the Mobile and Tablet Apps yes yes yes