New feature: Mail Merge with Google Documents

What’s new

Fast on the heels of Solve for Google Sheets reports comes the new wonder kid, Solve for Google Docs. Create personalized documents and labels by pulling your unique Solve data into Google Docs.

Imagine, easily merging your CRM data into your templated letters/contracts/proposals you send daily. Push a list of identified leads and personalize your newsletters or event invitations. Or switch out your regular printer paper and merge contact data into printable labels to stick on envelopes, or name tags for your next meet-up.

Some context. Today’s popular mail merge options take 4,306 words to setup, or a 54 minute video just to introduce the concept. We’re here to rescue you. The Solve360 for Google Docs Merge takes just 3-clicks! We’ll take care of the heavy lifting, you can put on your cape and deliver the good news. Be the hero your team needs, by finding engaging ways to interact with clients and run your business more efficiently.

The benefits

Your team likely works from a standard set of documents. You can justify spending the time to personalize a letter, contract or proposal for high-value clients. Finding the time to deliver the same service for all the rest is tricky. It takes time to give each one that resounding personal touch, flipping back and forth between database and document. #time-consuming, #error-prone, #annoying

Solve for Google Docs automates the personalization process. Create dynamic documents and labels by easily replacing your unique field-placeholders in your templated documents with data from your Solve CRM account. Unite your business tools; in one sweep create, email and link your merged document directly within the add-on. The Solve CRM add-on extends the same powerful custom searching features available inside Solve to Google Documents. #simple, #powerful, #useful.

  • Automate document personalization
  • Merge dynamic lists of records from Solve
  • Eliminate chance of error(s)
  • Author documents and label templates for re-use

Fundamental and useful, CRM and document integration will increase efficiency in your business and help deliver consistent and personalized service to each of your customers. Time well spent.

Let’s create some documents …

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