New feature: Advanced custom search is “Arrested Development”

We’ve just completed development of an exciting new feature. Custom search is a powerful and “Did someone say wonderful?” way to search for contacts, companies and projects.

  • Multiple search criteria
  • Simple language to describe your search
  • Save custom searches to named lists
  • Contacts related to company searches

Multiple criteria

You may have some complex search requirements. Now, not only can you search for multiple tags at a time, you can also search for multiple date, number, text fields and other conditions. You can even search for “or” as well as “and” conditions at the same time so you can pinpoint what you are looking for. With these so many juicy options your search experience will be off the hook.

Simple language

Wizards have their place, but not in software. Solve’s new custom search lets you add a new line in plain English… no tricks or illusions required! This makes describing and finding data easy. We blue ourselves away with this one! (sic)

Save searches

Don’t forget me now!” Save your time! Save your searches! Custom search criteria can be saved as a named list. Access an up-to-date version of a custom search in just one click.

Company-Contact searches

People do business with people. While your team may track companies, it’s the contact relationships you need to nurture. Search for companies, then find all the contacts related to them with one-click. Ideal for mailing lists. No exporting, no cross-referencing, no problem.

App for iPhone / iPad and Android

Although we don’t normally pre-announce features, the team is busy incorporating the new custom search feature into the Touch App. No touching just yet, but keep an eye out for it soon. One-click access to custom named lists while on the road. Imagine the possibilities …