New feature: Generated links

Open a Solve contact record > click a hyperlink > a corresponding record opens in your other application. Here is an example with Hubspot:

That’s integration that’s simple to enable and easy to use.


Solve already comes pre-integrated with a familiar and diverse team of web-applications, helping you buddy up with a lot of “top dogs”. For those who dream of further conquests, Generated Links in Solve equips you with the tools to form your own alliances.

What’s new

Generated Links associate a Solve record to corresponding record(s) in your other business applications by using data from specified Solve fields to generate a special hyperlink specific to that record. The data embedded in the hyperlink instructs the target system to display record(s) that relate to the data provided, offering a simple one-click integration between the two systems.

Integrate your unique work order and product shipping applications, or connect contacts in your accounting and email campaign systems to their Solve record.

The details

Add a custom web address field to create a clickable link on the Solve record.

When entering a value into the web address field, add Solve field label(s) surrounded with square brackets to construct a query string like the examples below. Solve will automatically replace field markers with the field value from the record.

Query string you say?! That’s the part of the web address (URL) after the domain name starting with the ? character. Here is an example using Google to search for a contact’s name:[First Name] [Last Name]

And then something with a little more juice, like our HubSpot example above:[Business email]

When the generated link is clicked it will open your target site and pass along the query string data, enabling the target system to return records associated with that data.

Refer to your other business application’s documentation to determine if it supports opening records by a custom web address and if so, what query string format it expects.

Generated Link will also work with the “Add a link to an external website” activity, standard web address fields already in Solve, and on the Solve Touch application.