New feature: (re)direct emails between Google Apps accounts


Clients come to you in many different ways, and email is king of managing their requests. Often each incoming message is a unique “case” that needs to be quickly directed to the right team member, making email juggling between your team critical to your success.

To help sort and delegate emails most teams either …

Forward emails
  • Extra work to re-address message back to the client
  • Creates unnecessary noise & bulk in message threads
Share email accounts
  • Publicizes sensitive client info to your entire team
  • Distracts staff with irrelevant information

“There’s got to be a better way” to move messages between your own staff. The thing is, email has essentially worked the same for decades … complacent on its throne.

What’s new

Cleanly direct an incoming email from one Gmail Inbox to another within your team, using Solve’s Webmail feature.

Sort your incoming sales or support requests and assign to the right person.
Reassign a “case” to colleagues who are better suited to respond.
Handoff evolving conversations to other departments.
Receipts, invoices, voice messages, faxes or other important notifications.

Simply open Solve menu > Access Webmail > alternate/right-click on a message > choose “Direct to” > select the user, and Solve will confirm the action’s success.

Gmail direct to before

The message will be copied to the specified user’s own Gmail Inbox with a special {<—your name} label automatically added so they know the message was directed to them by you.

Gmail direct to after

The original message will be archived in your account under “All mail”, with the inbox label removed.

Quickly list and track all emails directed to you from specific team members using the special Solve Gmail labels.

The Details

“Direct to” is included in the Select subscription plan for users who have linked their Google Apps and Solve accounts.

Solve’s Webmail feature provides a mirror of your Google Apps Gmail messages right within Solve.

If you’d like to see “Direct to” added to Solve’s Gmail Gadget please share your thoughts with our Customer Care team.