New feature: Customize the Project Blog label


Imagine your team is meeting a client in a conference room. Someone is standing near a whiteboard, marker in hand, making notes, listing tasks, circling items on it to take stock of a plan, share ideas and work through questions. Solve Project Blogs help you manage that same type of flow of ideas and information, but online where it is accessible and more efficient. Everything known about a particular project or business transaction is in a single place where it can be updated as the situation unfolds.

So what exactly are you managing on those, Project Blogs? Dockets, Locations, Accounts, Projects, Jobs, Properties, Cases, Devices, Homes, Portfolios, or [fill in the blank]?

What’s new

Change the label “Project Blogs” to a term that is more specific to your business to make the system feel more natural and intuitive with team’s day-to-day activity. To get started change the Project Blog label setting under Solve menu > Add-ons.

Throughout the system the label “Project Blogs” will be replaced with your custom label. This includes the main Solve application and the accompanying touch and mobile applications.