New feature: Authorized IPs


There are an estimated 2.5 billion people on the Internet. None of them need access to your Solve account.

Some businesses need to control which computers, devices, or locations can access their information systems.

What’s new

Authorized IPs is a new feature included in the Select subscription, that limits Solve logins to a pre-authorized list of network addresses (IPs). It essentially “burns the bridge” for every Internet connected device except for the small set of devices that the Solve administrator approves e.g. authorizing logins only from your designated office locations.

To add further visibility to where and when the system is accessed, logins are now reported under the Solve menu > Report & Update Activities > Actions logged for report.

The details

When a user tries to login to Solve using the web application, Google Apps SSO, mobile app, touch app, or the API, their current IP address is verified against the list of Authorized IP addresses your Solve administrator has preset.

To help users identify the list of valid IPs, the current IP address is always shown on the Solve login page.

If the Solve administrator(s) themselves need access from an unauthorized IP, we’ve included the ability for them to automatically activate a special one-hour IP pass for their own account from the current IP address; which is verified through their own email account.

Authorized IPs adds another valuable layer of security. Select customers can activate this new security feature immediately. To upgrade to the Select plan click Solve menu > Subscription > Select > “Update plan”.

The Authorized IPs feature is activated under: Solve menu > Add-ons > “Authorized IPs” > Add.