New enhancement: Searching across related records


With Solve you can filter records using a full range of criteria such as tags, dates, field values near your current location and other conditions.

Records in Solve can be related to other records of any type. For example, a company may be related to multiple contacts, projects, cases, locations, etc. simultaneously.

What’s new

Now search on two different record types at the same time. Filter deeper into your data by merging two unique searches into one, joined by the ‘related to’ field.

A few examples:

  • List specific contacts that are related to a specific list of companies
  • List specific contacts that are related to a specific list of projects, cases, locations, etc.
  • List specific projects, cases, locations, etc. that are related to specific companies

Each of the two record types can use the standard full range of search criteria, making this feature extremely useful when asking real-world questions.

Try it

Let’s say we need to reach out to a short-list of Contractors that are related to companies with active contracts in New York …

Create the company filter

Filter for the companies
Search filter 1
Save company list filter
Search filter 2

Then create the contact filter

Add 'Related to' criteria
Search filter 3
Add additional criteria
Search filter 4

The ‘Related to’ search option is available in Solve CRM today and will be available in Solve Client Manager and Solve Report Builder very soon.