New: Enhanced desktop interface


Solve Client Manager is a new service inspired by the best of Solve CRM. Its mobile apps have quickly become highly-regarded, are incredibly flexible and widely adopted.

Solve Client Manager leverages Solve CRM’s proven platform which has been providing mission-critical client management, business operations, and HR application services to thousands of teams for almost 20 years. Client Manager is modern, safe and more engaging than ever.

What’s new

Solve’s best desktop experience yet. Match the same smooth feel of the new iOS and Android apps with the renowned at-a-glance form of Solve CRM.

Solve's new desktop interface

“We found that the user interface is significantly easier to use, changing the platform from ‘something my team were required to enter information into’ to a tool they wanted to use. I would highly recommend this product for any small business.” - Graham Cochrane, HVAC

Workflow design
Workflows allow me to manage all the complexities of my listings, closings and leads from anywhere now that I can be reminded through Solve without needing to login on my laptop or login to the app on the phone. It just runs in the background and lets me know when I need to break away from life and take care of work.” - Jeff Simpson, Real Estate
Calendar find-a-time
“We use the calendar integration as a company-wide planner to view everyone's schedule so we can manage our equipment and more efficiently group work by geographic locations together. This becomes very useful when our tech is out in the field; our office staff can see where the technicians are and what free time they have when we get additional service request in those areas.” - Tim Moffitt, Environmental and General Contracting

Try it

Solve Client Manager works well as a complete product on its own, or as a compliment to Solve CRM. Solve CRM clients can request to try it free with their live data.

“Just started the transition to the Client Manager! Love that I can easily use this from my phone and iPad. My staff has also found this to be a very easy transition. The hand-offs is probably one of my favorite features!” - Tiffany Ferruolo, Media Group


The new desktop web application optimizes its layout for desktop, tablet, and phone screen. If you see the tablet or phone layout, increase the size of the browser window, and it will switch to desktop mode.