Linking Wufoo Web Forms to your Solve CRM

Wufoo is a tool that makes it easy to collect information over the Internet. Wufoo does so by helping you create web forms that web users will fill out. The user’s data is immediately saved directly into your favorite web apps. No more copy-pasting folks! Pretty neat eh? Now, with this integration, you’ll be able to save that info straight into Solve too!

“But wait a second… can’t I already do this using the Solve API?”

Good point! Yes, there already is a way of capturing data into Solve, but because this one uses Wufoo, it may very well be the simplest yet.

Setting this up is easy and well worth the effort. You’ll have a web form pushing data into Solve in a couple of minutes with no coding! So let’s jump over to the Wufoo tutorial page and give it a spin …