Google and Solve invest in modernizing their integrations


The unprecedented number of businesses taking the broom to their legacy systems and embracing the Cloud is undeniable. Google Apps and the Google Apps Marketplace have lifted IT out of a pit of “maintaining operating systems and malware software”, to creating new and exciting solutions for teams. IT is back where it belongs, creating real value for real businesses.

The Google Apps Marketplace makes it easier to find the Apps you need, snap them into your environment and run with it. You don’t need to talk to anyone, negotiate a discount, hire a professional service team, call the customer support group, or wait until tomorrow.

Lest we forget who came up with the concept of “Installing” a web app, and to what end. The value of instantly integrating previously different applications is massive and true to the mission.  Today, software vendors, value-added service providers and clients are clustering around Google Apps to offer solutions that were not previously conceivable and Solve CRM has been there from the beginning.

Thanks to you, Solve’s best-in-class Google Apps integrations such as the Gmail gadget, synchronization and email linking, have propelled Solve to be one of Google’s highest ranked marketplace apps.

What’s new

Google and Solve have made significant re-investments in modernizing their integrations through Google’s new Google Apps Marketplace.

The new Google Apps Marketplace demonstrates Google and Solve’s mutual commitment to delivering useful integrated solutions to businesses with:

  • Add-ons starting with Sheets reports and Docs mail merge
  • Enhanced security for tighter control of Google and Solve
  • Quicker connection between Google and Solve integrations
  • Modern APIs to take advantage of new technologies

The Details

Continuing over the next month clients will be upgraded to the new integration. This is a big deal here, with lots of moving parts. Google and Solve have made it a priority to ensure the transition will be as seamless as possible. We’ll keep it simple, drop your Solve administrator and email with the details, and you’ll notice the Solve icon change to our new blue logo.