Free Technical Support

Free is FREE, with substance

There are no tricks here. You don’t even have to be a paid customer to receive free support. A real engineer chimes in on each inquiry. We do not outsource or employ monkeys. We’ve found however when you stick your neck out like this well-intended folks can get carried away with a rampage of questions; then there are others who push things as far as they can get away with ruining it for everyone else (probably the same ones who butt ahead in the Disneyland lines too). Anyway, to cover our butt here’s the fine print: our product is comprehensive, you don’t pay us to engage in time intensive and situational consulting cases, so please don’t expect it. It’s all good and here’s why:

  • We provide a free-trial period so you can try things out in the real-world eliminating the need to secure promises with sales people
  • There are many online resources available to answer your questions
  • We don’t ask for you to put any money up-front and when you purchase our service it is very inexpensive (it’s our intent to keep it that way too)
  • Our partners are standing by to help for a reasonable fee (you’ll pay for what you get, but others won’t have to)
  • We will make every effort to help you.

The spirit of our free support is to:

  • Determine if Solve is something you want to buy e.g. we will listen on a high-level to how your business works then explain how Solve can be applied to accomplish your goals
  • Help explain an important feature or process to assist in migrating from a previous system or board our system
  • Have the flexibility to fully-engage with every client situation and help without the risk of being criticized when it’s not practical to do so or constrains our ability to support paying clients
  • Assist paying clients with any issue that effects their ability to receive the promised benefits of our system or impairs their ability to use the service