Connect private Gmail messages to your shared CRM records

Kings have sent crusades in search of it…

They say Sauron and Dumbledore never came close…

It took a ton of Kryptonite, a magic flute and stein of unicorn tears to conjure…

Friends behold! Not one, but TWO simple ways to connect private Gmail email messages to your shared Solve client database.

In the comfort of your Gmail account, you have our famed Solve Gmail Contextual Gadget below each email message.

Integrates with Google Apps and Google Accounts

With the gadget you add or manage information surrounding a contact. Here is where we’ll introduce the two email features, appropriately labeled Archive to and Link to.

Archive to … (Solve)

When the gadget confirms the sender of the message is a contact in Solve, the Archive to button is shown.

Integrates with Google Apps and Google Accounts

Pressing this button copies the entire email to Solve and removes the Inbox label. The message is still accessible via Gmail search and under the All Mail label.

Once the message is in Solve it will automatically link to corresponding contacts, companies and project blogs.

You may have seen imitations of this feature before, but here it’s the real deal. It copies the entire email message, including attachments, with a single click.

If this feature has been enabled by your admin, the Link to button is shown when the gadget confirms that the sender of the message is a contact in Solve.

Integrates with Google Apps and Google Accounts

Instead of copying the email to Solve like Archive to does, Link to simply adds a special Gmail label to the message. Emails having this label are automatically linked to contacts, companies and project blogs in the system and are visible to other members of the Solve workgroup. The email message gets shared with your team without ever leaving your Gmail account. It’s like magic, but with no tricks.

You’ll know if a message has already been shared by seeing a Unlink from button instead of the Link to. Clicking the Unlink from does what you’d expect, removing the label which stops the message from being shared with your Solve workgroup.

Integrates with Google Apps and Google Accounts

When you link your first message a label named #Solve360/{WorkgroupName} is created in your account. If you delete this special label all the messages previously linked will no longer be shared, or accessible within Solve.

Comparing the two options

Archive to Link to
Uses space in your Solve account Yes No
Preserves the messages after deleting a Gmail account Yes No
Quickly “mass-load” messages into Solve No Yes
Use automated rules to put incoming emails into Solve No Yes
One-click step Absolutely
Saves the entire email message including attachments Abso-frickin-lutely

On the Solve side

Could you have imagined that sharing Gmail messages could be so simple and useful? A big part of that is how Solve actually manages the emails. As a refresher, Solve manages the sharing of information in workgroups. The Archive to and Link to features make it easy to drop an email into the workgroup folder. From there, Solve instantly and automatically links that message in the workgroup folder, with the contacts, companies and project blogs that the email relates to that are saved in the same workgroup.

Tools for the Administrator

Unnecessary options create distracting noise and create room for error. Once you’ve decided which option will best serve your business process and requirements, just head over to Solve menu (top right) > Add-ons and enable the one you need. By default Archive to is enabled, and Link to is disabled.

Integrates with Google Apps and Google Accounts

Configuration tips

Normally these features will “just work” without special configuration. But just in case anything has changed from the default, here are some things to check.

  • Google Apps > Gmail > Apps (grid icon) > More > Solve CRM

    If you can login it confirms your Google Apps account and Solve account are linked.

  • Solve menu > Webmail

    If you see your Gmail Inbox it confirms the email link is working, if it’s not check the following:

    • Google Apps > Mail settings > IMAP: IMAP = Enabled
    • Solve menu > Webmail > Settings > Sending and Receiving tabs: Service = Google, Username = (empty)
  • Google Apps > Gmail > Solve gadget

    If a yellow error message appears when using the feature check these settings:

    • Google Apps > Mail settings > IMAP: Folder Size Limits = Do not limit
    • Google Apps > Mail settings > Labels: All Mail = Show in IMAP is checked

DISCLAIMER: No enchanted creatures were harmed in the development of these magical features.

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