Automatically link Gmail messages to the CRM

Can I AUTOMATICALLY link ALL my Google Apps Gmail emails to my Solve contacts without any who-ha?

Absolutely! It’s done by quickly applying a special Gmail label to all your existing messages and automatically to all future sent messages.

This truly unique ability is part of our amazing Link to feature. Lets give it a roll …

  1. Create the “special” Gmail label by opening Google Apps > Gmail > open an email > at the bottom of the email in the area labeled “Solve360 - direct access to your contacts” click the “Link to” button > relogin to Gmail to see the new label, or create the Gmail label manually using the case sensitive naming format: #Solve360/{your workgroup name}.

  2. Link all existing messages by first selecting all of the messages

    Linking emails to CRM

    Then apply the special Solve workgroup label just created

    Linking emails to CRM

  3. Setup a GMail filter to automatically apply the special workgroup label by opening Gmail > Mail settings (top right) > Filters > Create a new filter > set the “From” field to your email address > Create filter with with this search > Click the check box “Apply the label: #Solve360/{your workgroup name} > Save.

  4. Confirm the Solve records are set to show the available messages by opening a specific contact, company or project blog and check that:

    • The record is “owned” by the same workgroup the email messages are shared to (dropdown in the top right corner of the page)

    • The activity “Add a view for linked emails” was added (if greyed out one is already on the page)

    • The linking criteria of the linked-email activity is ideal. For contacts it defaults to linking messages matching “business email” or “personal email”, which in almost all cases is perfect. For project blogs you might need to make the linking criteria more specific by hovering over the linked-email activity > click the edit icon > check the linking criteria (by default it defaults to linking by the “title” field, use specific enough criteria so you don’t inadvertently link to unrelated messages e.g. a title like “Audit” is not specific enough, project codes such as #82137 would be very specific and ideal in all cases.

  5. Send a message > Return to the contact, company or project blog record > click “Refresh view “to update the list and you should see the new message. It’s magic with no tricks!

Heads-up … by Adding the workgroup label to the messages you are essentially exposing them to the corresponding Solve workgroup. All users who have access to that workgroup will also have access to the messages shared to it. Only apply the workgroup label if your intent is to share them with the other users in that workgroup.

Selectively linking Sent messages in Gmail to Solve

Say you only want to link certain messages you send. Google released a feature allowing you to label messages before you send them. Combining the “Link to” feature with this new label option you now have a choice to link individual individual messages while composing the message!