Amex and bank transaction fees

It’s not really a feature but many clients will find this change helpful…

Despite being able to throw a stone from where we’re based here in Canada to the U.S., credit card agents often look at Canada as a “foreign land”. This causes credit card payments to be seen as “out of pattern” sometimes resulting in:

  • banks sneaking in extra transaction fees on both sides
  • declined transactions / clients needing to add “Travel notes” to their card profile

… and Amex’s system cannot handle U.S. $ transactions from here

Rule #1 “Make it easy for clients to pay you.”

We’ve recently completed the lengthy process to implement a U.S. based billing system for our Canadian company. This should eliminate many of those annoying issues for clients and we now accept Amex for monthly service renewals.

Existing clients will remain on the previous billing system until they update their card info. Want to switch now? Just update your card info under Solve menu > Subscription.