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New enhancement: Searching across related records


Now search on two different record types at the same time. Filter deeper into your data by merging two unique searches into one, joined by the ‘related to’ field.

A few examples:

  • List specific contacts that are related to a specific list of companies
  • List specific contacts that are related to a specific list of projects, cases, locations, etc.
  • List specific projects, cases, locations, etc. that are related to specific companies

Each of the two record types can use the standard full range of search criteria, making this feature extremely useful when asking real-world questions.

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Hand-offs, another breakout feature


“Hand-offs”, a quick way to assign work that ensures predictable communication, alerting you when important steps happen. Like texting tasks, only better.

Accept a hand-off
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New: Improve scheduling workflow, based around Google Calendar


This is a big one …

Solve three common scheduling challenges, all based around Google Calendar.

  1. Schedule Google events from directly inside Solve, with
  2. “Find a time” calendar dashboard to visualize and schedule activity across multiple resources, then
  3. In Google calendar, access or update important information behind an event, or reminder, via the direct-to-Solve link

Find a time

Find a time scheduling using Google
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New feature: Routing


Introducing Routing for Solve Client Manager. Minimize the time, cost and risk associated with field personnel by optimizing routes between 20+ locations.

Optimize route

Solve Routing

Tap to get directions

Solve Routing
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New feature: Workflows


Introducing Workflows for Solve Client Manager. Save time and money by automating the processes that make you successful. In one step instantly add a full sequence of work to complete:

  • Schedules are intelligently determined
  • Users are properly assigned and notified
  • Next steps are queued just-in-time

Complete initial tasks

Solve Workflows

Next ones revealed

Solve Workflows
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Re-imagining Google email and calendar sharing


Staff have information critical to the business locked-up in their individual email and calendar. Solve offers convenient ways to share emails and events, displayed inline on matching Solve records – providing teams with a complete client view.

With Solve Client Manager, sharing Google emails and events has evolved to something simpler and more sophisticated. Just turn it “on”, and it works.

Google syncing

With emails and events perfectly organized, businesses offer a robust and more consistent service, even when a team member is absent, disorganized or has resigned. Clients notice.

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New improvements to Report Builder


Introducing the “Activity changes” report. Monitor which tasks, follow-ups, notes, deals, or interactions (i.e. calls) your staff have touched. At a glance, get a grip on what’s going on in your business to focus on those who needs support, recognize those who deserve it and identify ways to speed things up.

Solve Report Builder

The Report Builder has also seen a large number of incremental updates to existing reports, giving Solve teams more flexibility to dive-deep into their database.

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Solve Client Manager: Now for Everyone


Solve Client Manager is now available for Android in Google Play, purpose-designed for both phone and tablet use cases. With an arsenal of powerful new features the app has made measurable impacts for a variety of clients, most notably customer-facing field staff. Recently Solve clients in Real Estate, Construction, Finance, Solar, Home Services & HVAC have all seen immediate benefits.

Solve Client Manager Android

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New option: Device notifications


When something important or time sensitive comes up, Solve Client Manager instantly notifies you via your iPhone, iPad, Android or favourite email app.

Solve Client Manager

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Solve welcomes hundreds of millions of Microsoft users


Over half a billion users from Office 365, Hotmail, Outlook, Live and Azure can now log into both Solve CRM and Solve Client Manager with a single tap.

Solve Client Manager

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