CRM for real estate professionals

Alternative CRM to Top Producer, Property Base and IXACT

If there is one group of professionals who get the short end of the stick with CRMs, it has to be real estate professionals. Even with so many real estate specific systems out there, like IXACT, Top Producer or Property Base, many Realtors prefer an industry agnostic solution like Solve.

Typical realty CRM problems

The biggest issues that most real estate teams have with their CRMs is price. With many realty specific CRMs starting around $70/user, Solve seems like a steal at a fraction of the cost. It’s natural for them to then start looking for something new. It’s quite common to hear real estate teams identify some common shortcomings of their previous systems:

Realty CRMs Solve CRM
Difficult to learn Easy to learn
Not web based Cloud based
Way over-hyped Realistic & transparent
Crashes too often Highly reliable
Lacks proper integration Thoughtful integration
Impossible to customize Easy to customize
No integration with Gmail Renowned Google Apps integration
Cumbersome to use Fun to use
Locks you into contracts No contracts
No refund for early cancellation Month-to-month
Old and not enough updates Frequent free updates
Incomplete contact profile Unlimited custom fields
Doesn’t work on all computers Device agnostic
Poor sharing / privacy settings Workgroups
No sync with backup systems Auto-backup
Not something you’d recommend Highly recommended by
Real Estate professionals

On top of all the improvements over IXACT, Top Producer and Property Base, realty professionals also find tremendous value in some of the other benefits of using Solve. These include integration with Google Apps and other cloud systems, Solve’s mobile platform, its flexibility, its ease of use, its customer service and its simple and affordable pricing.


One thing every company needs is a quality email and productivity system. While some desktop users use Microsoft products, savvy teams that want the advantages of the cloud unanimously choose Google G Suite. G Suite covers all the main bases to run a business, email, calendar, documents and even your domain, plus it integrates with all your favorite cloud apps. Solve’s unmatched integration with G Suite makes it the obvious choice for any realty team.

Realtors also enjoy popular Solve integrations with Wufoo for automatic lead genrating web forms.


For any system to be universally useful, it must be flexible enough so that each business can personalize it to meet their specific needs. This is very true with CRMs and explains why so many fall below the expectations of those who use it. Realtors need to be agile and nimble to win the trust of their clients, so they need a system that can keep up with them. Whether it’s category tags, contextual fields, personalized templates or privacy settings, Solve was designed to flex and bend in a way that you can do it yourself - essentially creating your own personal system.


New: For Realtors who work heavily from their phones and tablets, check out the new Solve Client Manager, a native iPhone, iPad and Android product. Try it free. Download now.

Realtors are busy people. Agents are constantly running around town making sure that their properties are perfect and that clients are up to date and happy. As a result, running back to the office for computer access is often an inconvenient time killer. As a cloud CRM, Solve can be accessed from the web or your phone. Use it with any device anywhere in the world. Access your data on the go, record an interaction with a client, or update a property straight from your phone or tablet. Mobile will save you hours each week and is destined to save your derrière at some point too.

Ease of use

Einstein famously said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Too often the technology we use (CRMs in particular) are so poorly designed or complicated that we get confused and overwhelmed right from the start. As a real estate professional, you have enough on your mind, you shouldn’t need to be a CRM expert too. Knowing this, Solve was designed to pack in maximum functionality with minimum features, so you’ll do more with less… faster. To make it even easier, we’ve prepared a guide for any realtor just getting started with Solve, so you can get your team up and running fast.

Customer service

Customer service is very similar to insurance. You hope you’ll never need it, but you’re glad you’ve got it when you do. Just like you wouldn’t have a house without reliable insurance, you shouldn’t have a CRM without reliable customer service. Whether you are a long time client, or just on a free trial, Solve’s customer service is always fast and always looking to help you. Whether you have a big problem or just need an explanation, our team has your back. You can count on us, because we are invested in your success. Connect with our team …

Though there are many reasons that Realtors leave their old CRM and fall deeply in love with Solve, when it comes down to it the simple reason is that Solve is fun and easy to use. Only systems that get used can produce massive results, so it’s no surprise that Solve clients repeatedly report noticeable improvements to their business, their sales and overall quality of their work. With Solve expect to buy, sell, or lease more properties this month!