Zendesk integration, a single view of your clients experience

Solve provides tight integration with Zendesk, a professional-grade web-based help desk software with an elegant support ticket system and a self-service customer support platform.


Imagine your sales team knowing what support requests the service team worked on for the client at-a-glance, before they make a call. This would naturally trigger them to tailor their conversation around the client’s experience with your company. In the same light, how much time will be saved when the support team has the client’s vitals right inside their Zendesk dashboard?

This integration enables Solve users to create a one-to-one connection with their Zendesk account, linking their CRM with their online support portal. With Solve’s flexible, easy-to-use system tied directly into Zendesk’s help desk ticket processing, users will save time by accessing relevant information without leaving their primary application. The Zendesk-Solve integration gives your team a truly holistic view of their customers, and it’s drop-dead simple to enable and use.

You may need to control which users have access to the Zendesk information, so we’ve made sure you have the necessary control. Setting this up only takes a minute, so let’s give it a spin …

One-time tasks to hook them up

Step 1 - Allow Solve to connect to Zendesk

As the administrator, login to Solve and follow: Solve menu (top right) > Add-ons > Zendesk > Add > enter your Zendesk subdomain > Update. This is the Zendesk subdomain all users will use (saves each user from entering it themselves).

Zendesk one

Step 2 - Have each Solve user prove they have access to Zendesk data

Add a Zendesk activity to a contact, company or project blog page

Zendesk two

The first time a Solve user accesses the Zendesk feature, they will be asked to prove they have access to the Zendesk data. Have them enter their Zendesk login information and click on the “Authorize” link. The Zendesk API token is located at: Zendesk > Settings > Channels > API > Edit > Token Access. If you’re using the new “Lotus” interface the API token is located at: Admin Home (gear icon) > Channels > API > Token Access.

Zendesk three

Getting down to everyday business

With the one-time tasks completed Solve users can begin matching up their Solve records with Zendesk users. The Solve page will now show the existing ticket details, ticket comments and links to create new tickets.

Zendesk four

Once a Solve user has made the connection for a Zendesk activity, other users will not have to make the connection again. The Zendesk information will be visible to any user in Solve who has the credentials to access the Zendesk data.

In Zendesk, tickets are requested by users (Zendesk contact records). Those users can be related to a Zendesk organization (Zendesk’s company record) providing an overall view of all support activity for that company. In Solve you can link the Solve Zendesk activity to a Zendesk organization and as you’d expect it will display all the tickets for users in that company.

Zendesk five