RingCentral, open the caller’s contact record automatically

The Solve feature described in this walkthrough is not specific to just RingCentral. It will work with a wide-range of VoIP applications that can be configured to call an external program when an incoming phone call occurs. Just follow this tutorial to see how it typically works. Clients report success with Ringio, 3cx Phone System, Zoiper, among others.

RingCentral provides a cloud-based phone system for business. We’ve actually been a client of theirs for many years.

Imagine your phone rings and the associated contact record in Solve opens automatically. Well with Solve, and the integration with RingCentral makes this easier than ever.

Setting this up is easy and well worth the effort. You’ll have callers popping up on your screen in a couple of minutes with no coding! So let’s give it a spin …

Install and setup RingCentral

Download RingCentral for your PC or Mac desktop.

Once downloaded and installed, enter your phone number, extension (if applicable), and password to gain access to the controller.

Hooking them up

Call Controller > Settings

Choose the General category from the list on the left-hand side, and slide ON the Launch an external app or a URL on incoming call option.

Then for PC users, copy and paste the following URL into the text box:


For Mac users, copy paste the following text and URL into the text box, including double-quotes:

open "https://secure.solve360.com/phonenumber/%P"

That’s it, now save the changes and let’s give it a test…

Getting down to everyday business

Lets give it a spin. Call your RingCentral number, notice the call controller report the incoming caller’s phone number. Your system’s default browser will open and search for a contact in Solve with a matching phone number.

Emily Jackson is calling me, and the last time we spoke was a long time ago. However thanks to Solve and the RingCentral integration, I know exactly who she is, and likely what the call will be about!