Microsoft Outlook

Working with Microsoft Outlook

There are three useful ways Microsoft Outlook and Solve can work together:

  1. Save email messages as history in Solve
  2. Display Solve events in Outlook’s calendar
  3. Use Google Apps to sync contacts and calendar events (two-ways)

Save email messages as history in Solve

When sending a message, click on an email address on the Solve record and a Compose window will open in Outlook. You’ll notice a special email address in the Bcc field as well, which sends a copy of the messages to SolveCRM where it will be automatically linked to all associated contacts, companies and project blogs.

When receiving a message simply forward the email to the same email address as above (this email address is known as your Solve workgroup email address).

Tip: You can find your workgroup email address under Solve menu > Set Security Workgroups.

Configuration details

  1. Have your Solve admin enable the Webmail feature under Solve menu (top-right) > Add-ons > Webmail > Add.

  2. Set email addresses in Solve to open Outlook by following: Solve Menu > Access Webmail > Settings > Sending tab set the Service option to “None”. Solve will now use the default email client installed on your computer instead of the integrated webmail feature.

Display Solve events in Outlook (read-only)

Solve provides a “feed” of calendar events that Outlook can “subscribe” to and include in your standard Outlook calendar. Outlook checks this feed at an interval you specify e.g. ever 15m, 30m, etc.

Configuration details

  1. Activate your Solve calendar feed under Solve menu > Report & Update Activities > Show calendar events for … > Data > Publish this list (iCal) > Copy the web address shown.
  2. Next, add the subscription feed by following: Outlook > Tools > Account settings > Internet Calendars > New > Paste the web address > Add > name the calendar “Solve” > OK. Now under Outlook > My calendars > Other calendars > select “Solve” for display.

Use Google Apps to sync contacts and calendar events (two-way)

If you are using Google Apps you can use Google Apps as a ‘hub’ to synchronize your contacts and calendar events between different systems.

Configuration details

  1. Activate Google Event and Task sync in Solve by following: Solve menu > Report & Update Activities > Show > Calendar events with… > Data > Synchronize events and tasks with Google > set settings as preferred.
  2. Activate Google Contact sync by following: Solve menu > Manage Contacts > Data > Synchronize contacts with Google > set settings as preferred.
  3. Activate Outlook Sync with your calendar, tasks and contacts now syncing with Google. Follow the Google provided tutorial Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook to synchronize Outlook to Google apps.

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