MailChimp integration


Using your Solve administrator account enable the MailChimp feature under Solve menu (top right) > Add-ons > MailChimp > Add.


Enter the MailChimp API Key and press update. The API key allows Solve to access your MailChimp account. You will find your MailChimp Key under your MailChimp Account Settings.

MailChimp one

Now each of your Solve users have the ability to send a filtered list from Solve into Mailchimp. This saves you from manually exporting a list of contacts and re-importing into Mailchimp.

The key linking the contact records between the systems is the Business Email address. If Business Email is empty then Personal Email is used or the Other Email if that is empty as well. If all are empty, the contact is not copied.

Note: Only contact records can be pushed to Mailchimp.

When a contact is copied to MailChimp, Solve automatically adds a special activity to the contact’s page which tracks the campaigns that have been sent and how your contact has responded to them.

MailChimp two

Sending a campaign

In MailChimp ensure you’ve created a list where you want the contacts received from Solve to be saved.

In Solve’s Contacts window search for the contacts you want to target using the “Show …” option in the toolbar. Most often you will be targeting a subset of contacts using category tags e.g. “Show > Category tags > {your list name}”

Now the targeted contacts should be showing in the search results list. Next choose Data > Push this list to MailChimp. Solve will prompt you to choose which MailChimp list to save the contacts to, then it will connect to MailChimp and copy the selected contacts over.

MailChimp list

MailChimp result

Next, login to your MailChimp account. Follow their instructions to create a campaign and send it to your MailChimp list.

MailChimp’s lists are like separate databases of contact records. If a contact chooses to unsubscribe from one of the campaigns MailChimp will unsubscribe them from that list only. To unsubscribe a Solve contact from all MailChimp lists going forward, simply create and add a category tag entitled “Unsubscribed” to the record. This will omit the contact from the “Push to MailChimp” feature when pushing a list.