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Solve CRM for Google Sheets

With the success of Google for Work it’s now time to move many of your line-of-business processes over to G Suite. This post introduces how you can build-up custom data-driven solutions using Google Drive and Google Sheets.

The Google Solve CRM Sheets add-on provides a simple and personalized reporting feature you can enable in Google Sheets. This add-on is a free benefit for all Solve CRM users which allows you to:

  1. Generate powerful custom reports and charts with your Solve CRM data
  2. Automatically and intelligently complete and parse addresses
  3. Use Google Maps to visualize your data
  4. Extend your Solve CRM database

Penda Learning uses Solve for Google Sheets to shorten their sales cycle by 50%

The Sheets add-on is an exciting way to find answers to your specific questions and manage & share data. All using simple Excel-like methods you’re already comfortable with, right from within Google Drive.

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Let’s take a look at the Solve CRM Sheets add-on’s four main features …

1) Create reports & charts

Quickly generate classic reports and charts then personalize them to make them your own. Step-by-step examples include:

  • Sales Funnel
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Sales team performance
  • Quarterly sales by source

Solve’s Sheet add-on makes it easy to pull CRM data into a Google Spreadsheet.

In just minutes you can turn that data into pivot tables and colourful charts that you can share with your team and update with the click of a button.

You have complete control over your sales reports and you’ll trust them because you made them. Let’s create a report …

2) Complete and parse addresses

Solve’s “Geocode addresses” feature integrates with Google’s Geocoding API, allowing Solve CRM users to:

  • Automatically and intelligently complete addresses
  • Break single-field addresses into mail merge friendly formats
  • Convert civic addresses to geographical coordinates

Solve CRM’s Sheet add-on makes it easy for you to access the Geocoding capabilities that exist in your Google account. Learn more …

3) Map your data

Pull contact, company and project addresses from your Solve account into Google Maps.

  • Visualize contact and project location
  • Filter, colour code, and emphasize points of interest
  • Plan succinct business travel routes

Optimize your field team’s travel time. Pinpoint your most lucrative opportunities by combining Google Maps with Solve CRM. Let’s create a map …

4) Extend your Solve CRM database

Maintain and share separate datasets in Google Sheets, which you can link Solve records at the push of a button.

  • Extend Solve to accommodate unique, or temporary requirements
  • Gain a holistic understanding of your business
  • Integrate more business processes into a single platform
  • Securely share a slice of client or project data in context with anyone you want

Solve’s “Preserve Custom Columns” grants you powerful cross-referencing capabilities to help support your business requirements. Learn more …

Free tools AND detailed walkthroughs

Take a moment to enable Solve for Google Sheets in Google Drive, then begin move forward by drawing inspiration from our best practice examples.

Note: Solve also provides a Mail Merge add-on for Google Docs …

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