Google Docs Mail Merge

Solve for Google Docs mail merge

Solve for Google Docs offers an integrated mail merge solution, right from within Google Docs. Create personalized documents and labels by pulling your unique Solve data directly into Google Docs.

  • Automate document personalization
  • Merge dynamic lists of records from Solve
  • Eliminate chance of error(s)
  • Author documents and label templates for re-use

Solve’s Google Docs mail merge add-on is available exclusively for Solve CRM clients. Try Solve for free to start merging your existing contact data and templated documents.

Solve for Google Docs allows you to easily insert and replace your custom field-placeholders in your templated documents with data from your Solve account. Unite your business tools - in one sweep create, email and link your merged document back to your contact record; directly within the Google add-on.

Recognizing today’s popular mail merge options take 4,306 words to setup, or a 54 minute video just to introduce the concept.

If others don’t spend the time to simplify their mail merge, why should you waste yours?

We’re here to rescue you. Ours takes 3-clicks. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting, you can put on your cape and deliver the good news. Be the hero your team needs; start running your business more efficiently.

Let’s set the stage by walking through some simple document and mail merge examples in the Solve add-on.

Creating your merged document

Activating a Google document

  1. Open the Solve CRM add-on page and click on …

  2. Click Continue > Accept > Close

  3. Fill-in Add-ons > Solve CRM > Login settings

Ensure you have add-ons enabled for your G Suite domain

You’re done activating, now let’s make a merged document …

Single document

Merging a single document is ideal for personalizing a letter, contract, proposal, or similar.

Continuing with the activated Google Doc choose: Add-ons > Solve CRM > Create a merged document.

Notice the side-panel open to the right of the document where you can personalize your document settings and create the merged revision.

  • Select task > Create a “document”
  • Choose records > Select “Contacts” > “Create new filter”
  • Any item field starts with > {name of contact} > “Load records”
  • Choose a record to merge > Merge with > select contact

Author your document template with field-placeholders.

  • Type or paste in your content
  • Click “Insert fields” > position cursor > click on field label

The special field [Today] is supported which will insert the current date.

Click CREATE DOCUMENT > Review, email, and link your document:

  • Verify email settings and attachment content
  • Select “Copy to [workgroup name]” to link this email to the Solve record
  • Send

A copy of the merged document will be automatically added into your Google Drive under the special #Solve360/Merged folder, entitled with the contact’s name.

We’ve just created and tested a template to send to new clients. Continue to leverage its value by simply updating the search criteria in the merge panel for each future client …

After receiving a few glowing responses from your personalized document, it’s time to squeeze more nectar from that new template. Let’s move on and merge a set of contacts you’ve tagged in your Solve, into a set of documents, converting your simple letter into a robust campaign.

Set of documents

Merging a set of documents is ideal for personalizing event invitations, newsletters, or campaigns.

In my own Solve account I’ve already gone ahead and tagged a set of contacts to quickly categorize which leads I want to send my new campaign to. Continuing with the same activated Google Doc - if needed re-open the side-panel by choosing: Add-ons > Solve CRM > Create a merged document.

  • Select task > Create a “set of document”
  • Choose records > Select “Contacts” > “Create new filter”
  • Any item field starts with > Tagged with > Select tag(s) > {choose tag(s)} > “Load records”

Print, sign, seal, and whoa … each envelope needs a specific mailing address. Carpal tunnel will be the kryptonite to your new efficient business processes so switch out your standard printing paper for stick-on label sheets and let’s automate addressing those envelopes as well …

Merge labels

Merging labels is ideal for generating sets of mailing labels, name-tags, or similar. Since we’re printing multiple records across each page we’re going to create a new document template. In the document template we’ll setup a single table that will mimic the layout of the actual labels.

Choose: File > New > Document > Add-ons > Solve CRM > Create a merged document

Review your sheet of printable labels and create a table that matches the same number of rows and columns, while having the same page margins. A ruler and a few tests may be necessary. With some luck you may also find one that another user has created and shared for your label type that you can copy from.

  • Insert > Table > select your sheets label dimensions
  • Select a task > Create a “sheet of labels”
  • Ensure the filter settings match your previous campaign document > Load records

In the first cell, layout the field labels in the order that you want. Click “Insert fields” to begin adding.

Since some of the replaced fields may have varying amounts of data, it’s important to set a fixed row height so that it’s not determined by number of rows of data and will line up consistently with the printed labels.

  • Highlight your entire table > right click > Table properties…


The system will automatically insert the data from each Solve record into a cell until the table is full, then it will repeat the table pattern on a new page.

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