The Big Picture

All business success can be traced to two key factors; great client relationships (CRM) and how effectively your team gets things done (PM). Nail these two and you will be laughing all the way to the bank. Solve is the place your team will call home and includes:

  • All your contacts organized into lists and a journal of all prior history and promises you need to keep
  • Project blogs that help you organize information and processes related to projects or business transactions
  • Simple lists to organize and track activities such as events, tasks, notes, email messages, etc.
  • Customizable fields and templates to streamline work-flow
  • A central group calendar with nifty options
  • Revenue opportunity tracking, project reporting and time tracking capabilities

Your transition will be seamless as Solve imports data from your old applications and integrates with the likes of Google Apps, Xero (online accounting), Zendesk (help desk), Freshbooks (invoicing), Constant Contact & MailChimp (email campaigns), RingCentral (office phone) and Wufoo (online forms) and more.

Each week, an expert from our Solve CRM team offers a live 30-minute online class that you and your team can sign up for. Watch Solve in action, put ideas to work and get rolling fast. Secure your FREE Intro to Solve Webinar.

Solve works around you and your processes. You know how to run your business, so we are not going to force you to change. Solve is your central coordinated workspace that will save you time, get more accomplished and serve your clients better. Extend the skills and knowledge of your best sales people and project managers to your entire organization.

With Solve there’s less to learn and much to gain.

Welcome to your new workspace.

Logging into your workspace

To log in, simply enter your email address and password in the appropriate fields on the Solve login screen.

When you log in, your Solve CRM workspace is exactly as you left it so you won’t skip a beat when you return from lunch or start a new work day e.g. windows in the same position, last contacts opened in tabs, forms remember the last values you used so you don’t need to keep changing them.

Solve works best with a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

Once logged in, on the top left corner of the screen, you will notice your username - the Solve menu button. This is the launching pad for all your contact management and project related activities. Clicking on this button reveals your options in a drop-down menu. This jump-start tutorial will cover the three options that are vital to your everyday work activities:

  1. Manage Contacts Search, review, add or edit contact information for clients, prospects, vendors, companies, etc.
  2. Organize Project Blogs Add, edit, review, take notes and collaborate on your team’s current, past or future projects
  3. Report & Update Activities See in real-time what others are working on, what has been done and what needs to be done

Now, let’s learn the fundamental components to each of these three options…

Lets take a look at managing contacts and activities …