Simple steps to setup syncing calendar events and tasks with Google.

Here is a detailed set of steps that describe the setup and operation of the calendar sync:

  1. Open Solve Menu > Report & Update Activities > Show Calendar events with … > Data > Synchronize events and tasks with Google.

  2. Select the dropdown “Sync Solve events to Google matching” > choose what events you want to sync to Google (e.g. events being attended by a user, you may only want to see only yours etc).

  3. Select the dropdown “Sync Google events to Solve360 as” > choose who should “own” events that come from Google and are saved in Solve (i.e. who can see them).

  4. Click on the link “Install the Sync button in your Google Calendar” (a new window will open) > follow the installation prompts.

  5. Open the Google calendar > reload the browser’s page (click on the browser’s reload icon, or close the browser and relogin) > ensure the Solve360 calendar is selected for viewing (near the bottom-left of the screen). Only events saved in this calendar will be pushed to Solve.

  6. Create an event in the Solve360 calendar > click on the button labeled (Update Solve) > return to Solve and click “Refresh View”. You should then see the event from Google (ensure your calendar filter is set correctly).