My email messages are not linking / linked to my contacts, companies or project blog pages!

Check the following:

  1. Is there a linked-emails activity on the page? If not, add one by hovering over “Add an activity” and choose “Add a view for linked emails”. If this option is disabled there is already one on the page.

  2. Does Solve have a copy of the email message? You can confirm this under Solve menu > Webmail > Shared with {Workgroup Name}. If you don’t see the Webmail option it is enabled under Solve menu > Add-ons.

  3. Is there text anywhere in the message that matches the linking criteria in the linked-email activity? Review the linking criteria by hovering your mouse over the linked-email activity and clicking on the edit icon.

  4. Is the contact, company or project blog shared? The record must be owned by the same workgroup the messages are saved in.

There are several different methods to getting the emails to your record, like Bccing the email address of your workgroup, or if you’re using the Webmail Add-on you can simply save the email to the shared workgroup email folder you want by selecting “Save in {Your Workgroup Name}” option when composing the message.

If you’re using Google Apps you can also automatically link all or some emails to your workgroup directly from Gmail. We have a complete tutorial that walks you through this simple and very unique feature at Automatically link Gmail messages.

We also have a general walkthrough on linking emails with records. It’s very helpful to understand the details behind how the feature works and the different options you can use.