How do I transfer records from one workgroup to another or delete a workgroup?

  1. Filter the items that are in the workgroup to be deleted by choosing “Show > Shared > {old workgroup name}”. In the results list, click on the check box in the field header then notice the toolbar change. Choose change permissions and select the name of the new workgroup. You should complete this step for contacts, companies, and project blogs.

  2. If you have emails in the old workgroup folder that you want to transfer you can move them from the old workgroup to the new workgroup using the Webmail Add-on (activate under Solve menu > Add-ons if needed). Open Solve menu > Webmail > click on the old workgroup folder > select all the emails in the old workgroup email folder (shift-click) and move them over to the new workgroup folder (right-click > move to).

  3. Solve menu > Set Security Workgroups > select the old workgroup > click remove.