How do I access my Solve backup files on Mac? On PC?

  1. Download all your records in .ZIP format:
  • For Contacts: Manage Contacts > Show All Contacts > Data > Export all data
  • For Companies: Manage Contacts > Show All Companies > Data > Export all data
  • For Project Blogs: Organize Projects > Show All Project Blogs > Data > Export All data

    The .ZIP file contains a .XML “technical” file that includes all record activities too (can be opened in Excel), as well as “.exe”, “.sh” and “.bat” files.

  1. Unzip each of the .ZIP files

  2. Download files uploaded to Contacts, Companies and Project Blogs

    • Mac users: Open > (select all) > (copy) > Applications > Utilities > Terminal > (paste) > Hit “Enter”

    • PC users: Double-click the .bat file