How can I send a Group Recipient email to selected contacts or part of a list?

Since you can only send a message to the entire set of contacts having a category tag, a way to work with this is to:

  1. Create or empty a scratch tag (a tag used for temporary operations)

  2. Filter the results by choosing: Show {needed tags} search for {standard fields > assigned to} starts with {staff name} etc.

  3. Click on the checkbox in the field header in the list (left side), choose “or add the selected contacts to a {choose the scratch tag}”

  4. Adjust the entries in the scratch tag e.g. by also removing the tag for some records based on additional filter criteria using the same “mass update” method above

  5. Send the email using one of the mass email options targeting the scratch tag, if using the “Group Recipients” feature we recommend using a non-Google SMTP service via the SMTP override option.