How can I automatically Bcc all emails to the workgroup folder?

Although auto-forwarding emails is indeed possible and may appear as a reasonable thing do to, we don’t recommend it. If you’re using Google Apps there is also a better and easier option.

  1. Like all other types of activities recorded on a contact’s history emails are meant to contain high value information that can be viewed at-a-glance to understand the relationship between you and your client. Blindly pushing all emails into the activities section dilutes the value of the information on the client record and will require scanning more information each and every time your team reviews a client record. It’s more efficient to click a button, or forward the important story-telling emails. If you need to review all emails you can always search your personal email archive.

  2. Emails are personal by nature; the workgroup folder is shared by nature. When someone sends you an email they are trusting that you will have the judgment as to whether or not to share the information. By auto-forwarding these emails you are removing the human filter and somewhat betraying the trust of people communicating with you.

  3. Forwarding a high-volume of email may fairly rapidly consume all of your workgroup folder storage then causing all incoming messages to be bounced back to the sender.