Connecting / linking your Solve CRM and Google Apps account

If you established your Solve CRM account through Google Apps, the two systems have been connected and most integration features automatically enabled for you.

If you created your Solve CRM account directly from our website, or aren’t sure how or if the systems are connected, no worries - you can always connect your Solve CRM to your Google Apps domain and enable the integration features at any time.

  1. The Google Apps user email address(es) must match the email address(es) registered in Solve. The Solve admin can change registered email addresses under Solve menu > Modify user accounts.

  2. As the Google Apps admin open the Solve CRM Google Apps Marketplace Listing > click the “Install App” icon (top-right) > follow the prompts to authorize the integration.

  3. Continuing as the Google Apps admin, inside Google Apps click the grid icon > more > Solve CRM. Once the admin has completed this step, each other user should now do the same (grid icon > more > Solve CRM) to link their individual accounts.

Each member of the team can now enjoy Solve’s renowned and useful set of features available exclusively for Google Apps users.