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Additional customization

Securely manage record and field permissions

Comfortably control who has access to what sets of data by …

  1. Grouping records into Teams, granting complete or partial permission to individual users.
  2. Enabling field security, to restrict user(s) from accessing or making changes to specific fields.

Automatically personalize email and text message templates

Merge record data into your shared message templates, automatically tailoring the message for the recipient.

Tap Settings > Shared message templates, to get started. As you compose each template, tap the insert icon (top-right) to start adding in contact fields. When you're ready to send a template, simply open a Contact record > tap the email or text icon on any mobile phone number > select a template > send.

Customize relationships

Pre-set selection options for how two records relate, standardizing how relationships are defined amongst your team. Tap Settings > Customize relationships. 

Build shared lists

Save important lists for quick access, and share universal lists with the team.

Refine list columns

Customize which field columns to display in the Lists view on desktop, by scrolling horizontally to the last column > click the column icon (top-right) > select the columns to display. Column width can also be refined, simply click-and-hold a column header > drag to adjust.

Flexible reporting

Get insight on specific staff and business processes using Solve for Google Sheets.