Xero™ accounting

Integrate your Xero™ accounting information so all staff can make smart, informed decisions around how to interact with each client.

Solve CRM Xero Accounting

For staff who have direct access to Xero, create and view Xero invoices and bills directly from Solve.
Solve CRM Xero Accounting
With the time feature, staff see how much time the team spent vs. how much time was billed providing insight into how profitable each project or client is.
Solve CRM Xero Accounting

Everyday workflow

As the CRM, clients are initially captured in Solve, via online forms, Solve’s Gmail Add-on, or directly in-app.

When a sale is made, and a financial account needed, simply tap “Link Xero …”.

Solve CRM Xero Accounting

Solve will provide an option to create a corresponding record in Xero, or link to an existing Xero account, and sync the client’s details over, eliminating double data entry.

Solve CRM Xero Accounting

Solve will continue to track the client’s Xero invoices and bills in real-time.

Solve CRM Xero Accounting

Try it

Enable the Xero integration in your account:

  1. Tap Settings > Xero
  2. Authorize Solve’s access to Xero
  3. Set the users who have access to the Xero CRM integration

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