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A popular app to manage your clients

Used by thousands because it’s made for mobile & simpler than CRM.

Grow your business

“I can do everything I need with Solve… We have achieved at least a 25% increase in sales and leases.”
— Guy de la Porte, GDP Industrial Property

Generate way more referrals

“This is an incredible tool! It has changed my business in real estate! Helped me easily stay in contact with all of my database with ease and easy communication tools.”
— Delroy Gill, Right Now Real Estate, RE/MAX

Switching is easy

“Switching from another CRM to Solve was one of my best business decisions. It has made me much more efficient and has been great with the team I am building. This is the best system out there.”
— Luke Bouman, Luke Bouman Real Estate Team

Fast, professional and personal support

“The real gem in the move has been customer service at Solve. It is by far the best in the industry. Very fast responses with more solutions in the response then you are asking for, it's like they are reading your mind.”
— Dan Crawford, Grape City

So easy everyone uses it

“All SOLVE functions are easy to use, are intuitive and user-friendly. I need no time to learn it and I have no additional training costs”
— Robert Greguletz, Inotrade

Make more money

“Solve is hands down the most flexible, powerful and easiest CRM and I’ve used most of the alternatives over the past 20 years. Bottomline - Solve will help increase your productivity and make you more money!”
— Terry Karges, FirstTeam

Adapts to your business

“…I've used the 'leading' real estate CRMs. Most are plagued by forcing you into a workflow… so it's refreshing to use a system that allows customization to allow great adaption to specific needs without unnecessary complexity.”
— Michael Reck, RE/MAX Hinterland

Simple App. Simple Price.

$25/month per user

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Reps love Solve Client Manager

Exclusive Webinars - Reserve your Spot

Each week Solve’s business technology experts dedicate 45 minutes to help a select group of mobile teams …

  • Beat competition to leads
  • Get clear view of priorities
  • Hunt for top prospects
  • Generate way more referrals

With only a handful of spots available, these events typically fill up fast. Bonus for Real Estate teams. Reserve your team’s spot.

“Looks Amazing!! Can’t wait to try it.” — Jason Zuniga, FirstTeam

Managers love Solve Client Manager

Live Reports on your iPhone, iPad and Android

Fitting hand in glove with your mobile Client Manager, the Solve™ Report Builder for Google Sheets makes it very simple to …

  • Access a wide range of Solve data
  • Analyze your team’s performance
  • Create live dashboards

The Report Builder is absolutely free. Because they’re Google Sheets, you can share your reports & charts with anyone you need, and view it on any Apple, Android or desktop device. The benefits of a CRM and 100% flexibility!

“Being able to access our Sheets report on our mobile devices will make our team more efficient … it’s a game changer!” — Curtis Buxton, SkyFire Energy

You deserve VIP service

Need a hand? We’re eager to help

Unlike a classic CRM, switching to Solve Client Manager is easy. If you have a question you can expect quick, actionable and helpful support. Switching to Solve is easy and we can help with …

  • Importing your data and getting started
  • Technical support and troubleshooting
  • Technology advice to up your game

We understand you want to get back to business. Our priority is to help get you up and running quickly. Solve is drop-dead simple, so a few moments with us should be all you need. Reach out now.

“… I had a simple request and within 4 minutes I received a super simple and personal email response followed up by a few additional key recommendations.”
— Dennis Plintz (Sr. VP Sales), Sotheby’s International Realty

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