Solve is Not for Everyone

Here are some cases when you should not buy our service.

Your business is broken

No application or service can fix flawed business processes or team trust issues. We’re not going to miraculously cure your toxic work environment. We’re good, but we’re not magicians. Solutions require:

With the right attitude and competency,
That get the job done and
That delivers expected benefits

You will continue to try and drive your business hiding behind Outlook

If you think emailing spreadsheets and documents is “sharing” and with some synchronization magic it could work even better; good luck with that. If a tool works for you then use it, but don’t be dogmatic. Keep your unrelenting focus on the value you and your team create for your clients. It’s not just about you. If that rubs you the wrong way please check out the section Outlook focuses on your needs in our FAQ for the rest of the story.

Solve creates network benefits just like the fax machine and social networks. Benefits are exponentially correlated to number of users and total use. The more your company utilizes the features and potential of Solve, the greater the impact it will have on your business.

You need to be sold on the benefits

Are you serious? Staying on top of your clients is a no-brainer. If you need a sales pitch to get you onside the doubt in your heart will turn Solve into the next marginalized idea. Solve is at the vanguard of a simpler and better way of working and addresses the most important elements of your business:

  • It destroys bureaucracy and administration
  • It improves transparency and coordination
  • It facilitates relationships and connection

For most companies, this means change. If you are afraid of change then we can’t help you.

Of course we’d love to have you as a client. After all, we’ve worked pretty damn hard to make Solve not just a good product, but an amazing one, and we’d like a chance to work with you and your team to demonstrate that. But it’s only worthwhile if there’s a chance that you will become so excited at the performance improvements in your organization that someday you’ll tell everyone who will listen how well this nifty service you found is working out.