Revealing the Little Black Dress

Corporate boards have always been looking with interest for CRM because customer relationship management seemed to be the dream come true for several business essentials:

  1. Understand the client’s behavior when related to offers and targets
  2. Spread client information to reach all company corners, in order to allow client- personnel meet up to be more efficient
  3. Create operational effectiveness with less expense

CRM still meets the basics above, but the old model has lost its shine. We’re currently facing the anatomy of the enterprise octopus.

Companies that have failed to get real-time benefits from CRM realize their efforts were futile in meeting the primary needs of the business customer. David Bradshaw, a former Ovum analyst, now at IDC EMEA, likens CRM to a fashion industry.

“Last year it seemed that CRM was all the rage. It was the hottest solution and companies spent millions to get a piece of it. Now, about one year later these same companies have a high-priced outfit that barely fits. But I tend to agree with the analysts, authors, and other industry pundits - CRM is not an outdated leisure suit. It’s merely stumbled on the catwalk and with a little time it will prove to be as essential as the little black dress.”

After a call for a re-examination and re-evaluation of CRM and get things done concepts, after searching for the right ways to give full power to the customer in the web 2.0 era, Solve is willing to fulfill Bradshaw’s forecast and be the little black dress. While developing efforts to improve efficiency, we found new ways to increase effectiveness by merging vision, strategy, consistent valued customer experience, organizational collaboration, processes, information, technology and metrics into a viable CRM platform.

Most leaders of companies on the market need to get the appropriate service, in the right timing as they depend on it. Solve is the leading service for lawyers who need a service that allows them to record information about one or more important clients, for home builders who have teams that need to focus on various things at various times while managing building houses for multiple clients, for corporations that need to handle endless projects while hiring and supporting new staff. And the main old/new differentiator is that Solve doesn’t opt for being just an email or one project management enhancer, it’s the more service platform. The optimal service for multiple project management. The service that makes your life easier. The service that allows you to spend time on priorities. The service that offers a simple, easy to use and customizable client experience. Solve is the social CRM option, and in the time of social and user based content it’s the Human to Human approach needed for the finest dialogue through a service platform.

How we do that? By providing 95% less - less training, less cost, less time wasted, less features, less code, less documentation, less problems. The little black dress is as simple as required, yet, so indispensable.