Product Concepts

Solve introduces a new product concept designed to do exactly what teams need to get work done; integrating ideas from different software systems into a single fast, simple and customizable solution. Work is fundamentally a social process and in order to be effective teaming up and collaborating needs to be profit enhancing, time saving, easy and fun. After logging in, users are greeted with our three windows which represent the three key elements of every business process:

The WHO of Solve. Powerful features where your team manages their dealings and history with people e.g. selling and supporting. Customers, companies, employees, suppliers, developers, anyone that is essential to your business is covered here.
Project Blogs
The WHAT of Solve. Where you pull things together and team-up to manage the projects or ideas your team is working on. Secure virtual “war rooms” where everything is at-a-glance. Individual Blogs can be shared to anyone with an email address.
Activity Dashboard
The WHERE and WHEN of Solve. A kind of a “traffic control center” neatly organizing all the tasks and events necessary to complete your plans on time and promises with customers. This tells you what has happened and what needs to be done - nothing can get overlooked.

Solve is the solution that stands out to deal with day-to-day sales, operations and support activities. While helping managers organize priorities and improve business information, Solve’s “hidden agenda” is for your team to become vitally important to your clients. Basically, we serve you the organizing essentials for endless projects while you cover your client’s needs – staying ahead of your customers, capturing every opportunity and never letting anything drop.

How would a Home Builder approach Solve?

The Sales Team and Purchasing Agents manage their communication with people outside their company through Contacts - manage the pipeline to sell houses and categorize suppliers.

The General Manager creates a Project Blog for each home that is sold so the Foremen can pull together all of the information related to the project - link the blog to the suppliers and the customer found in Contacts, collaborate with staff on plans, store photos/files, manage tasks, comment on changes and track progress.

The Sales Team, Trades, and Support Staff use Activities which shows them what is planned, where they need to be and what each person needs to do to keep all the promises to their clients.

Learn your way around Solve CRM in minutes …

All business success can be traced to two key factors: great client relationships (CRM) and how effectively your team gets things done (PM). Nail these two and you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

With the “big picture” in-hand, now move on to the getting started tutorial, where in just fifteen short minutes you’ll master how to use these concepts and features on a day-to-day basis.