Does Your Business Need a Heart?

Effective communication is the only way to keep your business growing. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system makes it possible to keep dozens, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of meaningful conversations going at once. CRM helps you captivate then keep good customers and streamline your team’s work.

Solve is Project Management meets CRM providing the heart to keep your communication pumping.

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Become Vitally Important to Your Customers with Solve Collaborative CRM

Currently 60% of all businesses provide services, yet most CRM systems were built for goods-based industries. Solve is specifically created to meet the needs of service oriented teams. It is the perfect way for small teams, outside consultants and contractors or freelancers to earn customer trust, loyalty and business. Solve utilizes the concept of blogs to facilitate communication and idea collaboration between all project stakeholders.

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Cases for the Project Blog

A project blog in Solve describes a web page that tells a story about something your team is working on. A private diary/agenda/folder for a business transaction or project, if you will. Most of the time a project blog will remain private, used internally by your team. However, publishing a project blog to an external guest user opens up a whole new world, enabling you to expose a specific view of your internal activity with your customers.

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From Payroll to Profit

While helping managers to organize priorities and improve business information, Solve’s “hidden agenda” is for your team to become vitally important to your clients. Basically, we serve you the organizing essentials for endless projects while you cover your client’s needs – staying ahead of your customers, capturing every opportunity and never letting anything drop. Work is fundamentally a social process; teaming up and collaboration should be profit enhancing, time saving, easy and fun. Solve helps organizations embrace future business challenges within the enterprise 2.0 era. The social path is the future.

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Product Concepts

Solve introduces a new product concept designed to do exactly what teams need to get work done; integrating ideas from different software systems into a single fast, simple and customizable solution. Work is fundamentally a social process and in order to be effective teaming up and collaborating needs to be profit enhancing, time saving, easy and fun. After logging in, users are greeted with our three windows which represent the three key elements of every business process:

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Revealing the Little Black Dress

Corporate boards have always been looking with interest for CRM because customer relationship management seemed to be the dream come true for several business essentials:

  1. Understand the client’s behavior when related to offers and targets
  2. Spread client information to reach all company corners, in order to allow client- personnel meet up to be more efficient
  3. Create operational effectiveness with less expense

CRM still meets the basics above, but the old model has lost its shine. We’re currently facing the anatomy of the enterprise octopus.

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Web 2.0 - Real Or Hype?

Organizations looking for better tools to help them run their operations face a daunting challenge sifting through the chatter in the Web applications marketplace. Blogs are buzzing with predictions of how the nascent Web 2.0 revolution will change the way the Internet works, the IT media is dutifully covering the resurrection of ASP as SaaS (Software as a Service) and anointing SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) as the Second Coming of IT.

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Imagine Solve

Solve is all about teamwork; specifically, the work that happens every day in service focused businesses of all stripes. With Solve everyone seems to get more done and you’re back in control. Working together and staying vitally important to your clients is what it’s all about.

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