Imagine Solve

Solve is all about teamwork; specifically, the work that happens every day in service focused businesses of all stripes. With Solve everyone seems to get more done and you’re back in control. Working together and staying vitally important to your clients is what it’s all about.

The idea of Solve wasn’t born overnight, nor was the product. Over the past ten years we’ve delivered communication, collaboration and customer management solutions to businesses around the world with our previous product, Solve; modelled after personal productivity suites of the day. Our customers pushed, pulled and twisted Solve into a pretty good product that did exactly what they needed at the time. Then they asked for more: tighter data integration between the functional areas of the application, a more desktop like user interface and more customization options.

We headed back into the development trenches and a couple years later the result is Solve. How it works, what it does - and equally important, what it doesn’t do – is different from the established business productivity and project management applications. There’s no baffling array of modules, no complex interface with pull-down menus with cryptic functions. Instead of focusing on features like most systems, Solve centers its attention on data and processes. Solve is simple, intuitive, fast and flexible enough to work the way you prefer to. But don’t let the inviting words fool you; Solve is serious about business and has a robust, extensible framework that provides the tools needed to manage and track everything that’s important to a team with work that needs to get done.

We believe that what we’re doing is radically evolutionary, and along with other like-minded application developers in this application services market, we hope to be part of the process of changing the way people use applications to get work done.