From Payroll to Profit

The most valuable business products today follow a simple theme of improving business-to-business communication using the software as a service model. In a world of “time is money” saving it is the million dollar business for companies using these products and the entrepreneurs providing them. People-centric products, services and revenues will continue to drive innovation and trends for the foreseeable future.

Considering that communicating and sharing have always been the primary benefits behind Internet applications, think about the opportunities you’re missing out on if your team is not taking advantage of software as a service offerings, and in our case the Solve getting work done concept. Meant for service oriented teams, Solve is the solution that stands out to deal with day-to-day sales, support and operations activities.

While helping managers to organize priorities and improve business information, Solve’s “hidden agenda” is for your team to become vitally important to your clients. Basically, we serve you the organizing essentials for endless projects while you cover your client’s needs – staying ahead of your customers, capturing every opportunity and never letting anything drop. Work is fundamentally a social process; teaming up and collaboration should be profit enhancing, time saving, easy and fun. Solve helps organizations embrace future business challenges within the enterprise 2.0 era. The social path is the future.

People Centered Web 2.0 Application

“Private Web Workspaces that pull everything and everyone together to get work done” creates the frame of our story board. A single, rich web page for each project, client, etc. where you can organize information and collaborate with your team while integrating the concepts of effective tools like Blogs into daily business.

Solve introduces an entirely new product concept designed to do exactly what teams need, to get work done; integrating ideas from different software systems into a single fast, simple and customizable solution - no Chinese menu here! Solve covers Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Intranet, Contact Database, Content Management System and file server requirements within a single business application with an appealing interface. After logging in, users are greeted with our three windows:

The WHO of Solve. Powerful features to manage your dealings and history with people. Customers, employees, suppliers, developers, anyone that is essential to your business is covered here.
Project Blogs
The WHAT of Solve. Where you manage the projects or ideas your team is working on. Virtual “war rooms” where everything is at-a-glance.
The WHERE and WHEN of Solve. A kind of a “traffic control center” neatly organizing all the tasks and meetings necessary to complete your plans on time and promises with customers. Here nothing can get overlooked.

Naturally, you may ask what makes it amazing then. Well, you do. Solve is the tool that allows you to organize your business vision and to share clarity, precision and transparency with both your teams and your customers. This is the only sure way to make things happen.

Every business and every individual needs to find more effective ways to manage the flow of ideas. That is the primary competitive advantage available in an age of mass outsourcing to lower wage countries. How effectively you manage your team’s ideas and decisions will be the prime determinant of your success. With the phenomenal adoption rates of social messaging services like Twitter and Facebook email is being usurped by shorter and more frequent contact. Solve represents an effective, exciting and systematic way to handle your day-to-day activities, working with you to completing your goals, without introducing more noise.

Attractive, Intuitive, Non-obstructive

Enthusiasm comes from the heart and a passionate user needs exceptional, unique and stylish software to answer their needs. These values, along with extensive industry experience, have driven the design and functionality of Solve.

Software applications tethered to one particular computer are finally dead and service industries are becoming the hub of our economy. Internet based products designed to help people communicate and share ideas will most certainly be seen as the essential tool for companies that continue to lead this trend.