Does Your Business Need a Heart?

Effective communication is the only way to keep your business growing. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system makes it possible to keep dozens, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of meaningful conversations going at once. CRM helps you captivate then keep good customers and streamline your team’s work.

Solve is Project Management meets CRM providing the heart to keep your communication pumping.

People (still) Buy From People

CRM lets you engage with and qualify more prospects with less hassle and cost. Your customers will notice that you’re attentive, well-informed and organized, instilling trust and confidence in your team. It’s easier than you might think:

  1. Capture information from all customer conversations easily on Solve workspaces. Share that information with other staff to stay coordinated and connected. Coordinated teams task-share and co-work in real-time requiring less time for meetings and other administrative duties.
  2. Automate processes to touch more customers more frequently.
  3. Group contacts to set priorities and maximize value and timing of interactions with clients.
  4. Collaborate with customers to get them vested in you and provide mutually beneficial value. e.g. create a “war room” to collaborate on needs, solutions, proposals, plans and coordinate the post-sale project’s progress.

CRM is not about managing what customers give you, it’s what you give them.

Match Your Behavior With Client Buying Patterns

The storyline is familiar; you must keep in touch with leads to make business. A generation ago it was three interactions, now it’s up to twelve and sometimes even more. How ironic is this:

  • 90% of all sales people quit after four interactions with a prospect, but 80% of all sales happen after that
  • 50% of all leads result in a sale for somebody somewhere, when ignored, they go to a competitor

Get Control Over The “Messy Bits” Of Your Business

You have different needs than a big company whose focus is more managing staff instead of managing things that customers actually care about. In your office the same people often perform multiple jobs making them jump from system to system to get the information they need.

CRM is a low cost way to operate the front end of your business. Collect information scattered across various computers and applications such as QuickBooks, email, cell phones and spreadsheets and centralize it in Solve. A single view of all your customer activity accessible by all staff and contractors from any computer reduces administration errors, costs and time.

They said YES, Now Don’t Drop The Ball

Productivity and efficiency are directly related to how organized your team is. Instead of storing your information on different computers and servers why not share it from within Solve in a format that’s amazingly easy to work with?

Help staff prioritize and organize their work by tracking what’s happening in real-time. No need to stop the presses just for a review meeting. Catch problems as they appear before they escalate.

Next generation business is not about getting a little more efficiency from old processes. The rules of business have changed with the massive shift to online work platforms. Get your entire team working and communicating together in real time. Organized workspaces not only greatly reduce administrative hassles of managing and coordinating workers, they also serve the needs of customers much more effectively.

Solve is CRM meets Project Management for serious business. We know what small teams need to operate their businesses effectively and it doesn’t look anything like your Father’s CRM or Microsoft Project. Simple, inexpensive, agile tools to manage the entire customer experience from qualifying new prospects to providing after-sale service and support. Online webspaces are the heart of next generation businesses. Let Solve deliver the vital communications your business needs to thrive.