Cases for the Project Blog

Recently a client asked …

“I am trying to understand a real world workflow for the project blog facility. Would this feature be used to manage a blog dialogue within Solve? Is it to feed into other sites which have a blog like Wordpress? … This would help me understand how to work this feature into my company.”

A project blog in Solve describes a web page that tells a story about something your team is working on. A private diary/agenda/folder for a business transaction or project, if you will. Most of the time a project blog will remain private, used internally by your team. However, publishing a project blog to an external guest user opens up a whole new world enabling you to expose a specific view of your internal activity with your customers.

A common way to view a project blog is as a “war room” where a specific project’s plans and activities are coordinated. Many companies have multiple projects going on and project blogs are an easy way to organize each one on a single page while still being able to relate the project to other items, track next actions, schedules, search, etc. Our blogs are different than those popularized for distributing news, most of our focus is on using special entries such as notes, task-lists, files, photo-lists, events, websites and linked emails to “tell the story”. As the story evolves content is updated, items are moved around the page for context and relevance and comments are made inline not at the end of the page.

Here are a few examples to illustrate some common scenarios of how the project blog’s publishing feature can be used:

Publishes a project blog marketing a large property and its related business case to a select set of clients
Publishes a project blog to a customer to document the progressive feedback on each design iteration
Publishes project blogs to its external contractors to document assignments and correlate job history to work orders
Publishes a project blog to a client to document the annual plan they agreed to
Publishes a project blog to share the mutual plans/schedule of a specific home with its buyer and get feedback on issues as they occur
Publishes a project blog to an event coordinator to inventory the services needed and manage issues as they come up
Publishes a project blog to an external consultant to share the plan and related assets pertaining to a specific case/docket
Publishes a project blog to a client listing requirements, potential candidates and document the feedback through the selection process
Publishes a project blog to a client to get feedback on the program specification and testing results

“Invited Guests” are assigned Read-only, Modify, or Comment-only access to a specific project blog. Comment-only allows Guests users to add comments to each of the activities on the page, but not change the page content.

The customer eloquently summarizes …

“So a project blog acts as a self-contained thread pertaining to a subject, keeping the correspondence separate from email and easy to view.”