Become Vitally Important to Your Customers with Solve Collaborative CRM

Sharing information with customers and with your staff throughout the idea, proposal and service delivery stages of a project nurtures conversations and trust. Solve keeps the conversation going to get work done.

Solve, a highly innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) offering is the first product to blend CRM and Project Management with the concepts of a social business into a single integrated application. Solve is an amazingly fast and intuitive web workspace designed to work out universal team challenges and get results.

Currently 60% of all businesses provide services, yet most CRM systems were built for goods-based industries. Solve is specifically created to meet the needs of service oriented teams. It is the perfect way for small teams, outside consultants and contractors or freelancers to earn customer trust, loyalty and business. Solve utilizes the concept of blogs to facilitate communication and idea collaboration between all project stakeholders.

“The current global economic malaise is forcing companies to hunker down and get back to the basics of business. Success is no longer measured in the number of calls your team makes. It’s determined by your company’s ability to exceed customer expectations, thereby turning them into evangelists and promoters of your services via word of mouth. Communication is the only sustainable competitive advantage,” explained Steve Ireland, Founder of Norada Corporation.

Purchasing decisions are strongly influenced by the customers’ need for real communication evidenced by the business 2.0 wave. Be it home users or large corporate customers, buyers around the world are using the spirit of dialogue to determine value. In the age of the social web, welcoming customers into the conversation is the best way to earn trust and loyalty. Solve helps companies expand communication possibilities with customers right from the start, sharing entire business processes; from brainstorming ideas to the service delivery and support phases.

About Solve

Solve is CRM meets Project Management for serious business. It serves up an intuitive, comprehensive and fast workspace tailored to meet universal team challenges. Contacts, plans, activities, tasks, documents and schedules, are easily organized and tracked throughout the work flow. It’s a great solution for anyone handling large number of customer interactions - service based industries being the most obvious - anyone that requires daily coordination of a dynamic set of different data streams.