Non-Financial Reports Every SMB Should Run

Nothing happens until someone sells something

With many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) operating on tight budgets, it’s easy to see how the focus tends to be predominantly on finance. After all, for some business owners, keeping your operation open is sometimes dependent upon the numbers from the quarter, or even month, before.

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The Man, The Boy and The Donkey

A fable of market segmentation and product differentiation

There is an old fable called The Man, The boy and The Donkey. In this story, the man and the boy (his son) are taking their donkey to a distant market to be sold. Along the way to the market, they pass by several groups of people who comment on them. Each group has a different point of view and criticism about the way they traveled.

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Breaking Up With My Girlfriend

I dated (by Salesforce) for a bit but… she never let me go outside (export) and she wouldn’t let me talk to friends (integrate) and while she was very pretty and hip looking, this was at the expense of true soul. She had a really, really poor memory (no task templates) so I would have to repeat myself over and over again. It was annoying to say the least and I had to cut it off. The transition was hard because she kept all my stuff; even if she had thrown all of my stuff out on the street it would have been easier. – JSR of

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Context is Everything

Vijay (who describes himself as “just an average Joe, making a living doing SAP consulting for IBM” and is not affiliated with Norada) makes a strong case for why it’s important to understand the context of information streaming (re-posted with permission). - Steve (founder)

Seeing only some of the information relating to a client or project creates a distorted view of what’s really happening, causing missteps and passive engagements. When your team has all related information in front of them the context becomes obvious and will alter how they react to it. Simple, eh? Read on…

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Solve is Not for Everyone

No application or service can fix flawed business processes or team trust issues. We’re not going to miraculously cure your toxic work environment. We’re good, but we’re not magicians. Solutions require: PEOPLE with the right attitude and competency, PROCESSES that get the job done and, SIMPLE TECHNOLOGY that delivers expected benefits.

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The CRM “Money Bar”

It’s safe to say that my business starts and ends in Solve. From the moment in the morning I check my daily activity list to the last review before I call it a day, Solve is where I go to make sure I’m on track.

And basically, once I know what I’ve got lined up for the day, my world revolves around the contextual search bar, or as I like to call it, The Money Bar. It has proven to be one of the most important parts of my workflow in Solve. And though I’ve long since lost my ability to read human syntax on computer systems, the layout is a simple, efficient solution that any tech novice will understand.

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SaaS, PMs, CMS, CRMs, ERPs oh my (3)

What is the best way to cook eggs? Over easy? Sunny-side up? Poached? I’m a scrambled type of guy personally.

But who asks that question anyways? More often than not, it’s “how do you like your eggs?” Unless of course you’re talking with business consultants. Then you might hear suggestions like “your eggs should really be fried, everyone is going fried.” Or “you can get maximum leverage from you eggs by poaching them. That’s what the English do.”

For me personally, the better question is “what is the best way to cook scrambled eggs?”

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SaaS, PMs, CMS, CRMs, ERPs oh my (2)

In my last post, I talked a little bit about why I picked Solve as my business platform. As an art consultant for businesses and private clients, one of the most crucial elements of my work is recognizing that a good lead can come from anywhere at anytime, like say on an express train from Warsaw to Krakow in Poland. In this post, I want to show more specifically how Solve functionality has proven invaluable already by allowing me to leverage my contact database quickly, build on-the-fly editable “proposal” blogs for potential clients, and create my network in Krakow starting with some small talk on an intercity train.

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SaaS, PMs, CMS, CRMs, ERPs oh my (1)

I recently had a call with Adrian Sanders, co-founder of Halfslant, a contemporary art consultancy for alternative spaces and events. He put up some great questions, the type that only someone with street smarts and experience working with a lot of software products would know to ask. After the call he circled back and asked “where can I send feedback to warn the others”. I suggested a post on our site; here it is as it arrived. - Steve (founder)

“SaaS, PMs, CMS, CRMs, ERPs blah blah blah blah.” Yes, the revolution is here and as an IT consultant, I’ve helped several business implement their own next-gen software solution from Open Source CRM power houses to the best closed source CMSs money can buy. But at the end of the day, does the end-user really care and should they?

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Does Your Business Need a Heart?

Effective communication is the only way to keep your business growing. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system makes it possible to keep dozens, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of meaningful conversations going at once. CRM helps you captivate then keep good customers and streamline your team’s work.

Solve is Project Management meets CRM providing the heart to keep your communication pumping.

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