Real Estate Professionals

New: For Realtors who work heavily from their phones and tablets, check out the new Solve Client Manager, a native iPhone, iPad and Android product. Try it free. Download now.

The Basics

For real estate teams new to Solve, learn how to set it up, familiarize yourself with its popular features, automate some of your workflow and integrate your account with the other apps you use.

Solve works best with a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari.

Familiarize yourself

Contacts & Companies

Real estate professionals use either contacts or companies to store client data, depending on if they are residential or commercial. Many use both and some teams use company records to represent a family. Because records can link together in Solve, they link the members of the family to the family record. e.g. husband and wife. More …

Properties / Project Blogs

Many realty teams store property data in Solve projects blogs. First you’ll want to set up all your custom fields and category tags. You’ll notice that you can also upload an image for your property using the ‘Logo’ field, as well as an entire photo gallery if you have multiple images using the “Add a container for photos” activity. More …


Activities are the actions of your account

  • Schedule events with clients, like viewings
  • Upload important documents and contracts
  • Record important phone call details
  • Send automated scheduled emails
  • Track assigned tasks
  • Be reminded to follow-up

And many more…

Use the “Add a section header to group items” activity to group your activities into collapsible lists so you can be even more organized. Activities give you the tools you need to stay on top of your relationships and the interactions of your business.

Relating records

Understanding the relationship between two records is valuable and can help your team make smarter decisions. Create a two-way link between your contact, company or property records with Solve’s special “Related To”, “Company” and “Related Companies” fields. Use them to connect prospects to listings, husbands to wives and existing clients to referrals.

Enable the “Show related activities” feature to pull in all activities from “related” records.

Setting it up


Sharing client and property information amongst your team outfits each user with the knowledge needed to make quicker, more informed decisions, while noticing new opportunities. Solve workgroups offer you complete control over how your CRM data is shared, and who has access to what. More …

Custom fields

Each business is different and has specific information to track. Solve lets you create as many fields as you need with a variety of field types. Keep track of client’s birthdays with a custom “date” field. Use a ‘text area’ field to record the names of your client’s kids? Track whatever information will help your team improve sales. More …

Category tags

Organize your records into groups that make sense to you. Tags let you categorize your contacts, companies and properties, so you can quickly create lists and find the exact records you are looking for. For instance, you may want to categorize properties by popular client search criteria, or categorize your contacts into buyers and sellers. Create as many tags as you need. More…


Migrate from your old system to Solve by quickly pulling in all your contacts using the intuitive import tool. You can map all your old fields to the new fields in Solve, including the custom ones you just created. You can even import property record data. More…

Contextual fields

Everyone is different. Some buyers, others sellers. Some leads, others clients. Track the differences with fields specific to each. Contextual fields give you the ability to display specific fields when a given tag is applied to it. So if only your sellers have a “Asking price” then just apply the “Selling” tag and the “Asking price” field will automatically appear. More…

Rename projects blogs

Solve has three main record types - Contacts, Companies and Projects Blogs. Customize your blogs by renaming them to something like “Properties” for a more intuitive and personalized system. More…

Automate it

Combine the next three features to have fresh website leads automatically receive personalized lead nurturing emails, with the rest of your workflow set and ready to go in Solve.

Activity templates

Activity templates are a way for you to be consistent with your process. Apply lists of activities to contacts, companies or properties so you never miss a beat. Templates setup routine processes so you don’t have to … like earning the business of a new client. Once you’ve figured out what workflow is best for your business, turn it into a template to replicate your success. More…

Scheduled emails

Using activity templates, automatically tee up welcome emails, lead nurturing campaigns, follow-up messages or other routine emails ahead of time. Save your most popular messages as reusable email templates and automatically personalize each message with contact, property or company data using Solve’s field merge.

Wufoo web forms

Turn website visitors into leads in your CRM. Wufoo helps you create customized web forms better than anyone else and because of Solve’s amazing integration, Solve is the most popular CRM with Wufoo users. When someone lands on your website and fills out your Wufoo form, their information will go directly into Solve, have tags applied, get assigned to the right person and if you like, have an activity template automatically inserted including a welcome email. This is the fastest and easiest way to get fresh leads into your CRM. More…

Wufoo offers realtor specific templates that make it easy for clients to book appointments or attach files through your web-forms or emails. You can also use Wufoo to automatically send a qualifying message to your new web leads and link it into Solve.

Integrate Solve


If there is one system every realtor should be using aside from Solve, it’s Google Apps. Google Apps gives you all the productivity tools your business needs and Solve integrates with them all, so you will hardly be able to tell where one begins and the other ends. Do everything from syncing your Google contacts and calendar with Solve to linking important Google Docs directly to the contact or property they are related to. Never open another email without knowing all the intimate details of the person contacting you. These high impact features are what earned us the distinction of Google for Work Premier Partner and why so many Google teams choose Solve. Save time and close more sales with Solve and Google Apps. More…


Use Xero accounting to keep track of invoices and payments. Generate invoices and display payment info from inside client records so you don’t have to jump from one system to the other to know the whole story. More…

Constant Contact and MailChimp

Generate referrals and stay front of mind with leads and clients with mailing lists. Solve’s integration makes it easy for you to create mailing lists and send mass campaigns to Solve contacts, while keeping track of which campaigns they have reacted to. By sending leads periodic emails, you’ll likely be the first person on their mind when they decide to move. More…

Tips and best practices

Now that you’ve got the basics, you may be inclined to take it a step further. We’ve compiled some Solve best practices and useful tips from your fellow real estate teams.

Share & collaborate on properties

Publish properties

Share property information with your clients, partners or contractors using Solve’s popular ‘Publish’ feature. It’s an easy way to establish transparency and professionalism while securely collaborating with anyone outside your team. Many Solve real estate teams use ‘Publish’ to share properties and documents with clients as they narrow down their search from your listings or look to sell their home. More…

Get more done on the go

NEW: For Realtors who work heavily from their phones and tablets, check out the new Solve Client Manager, a native iPhone, iPad and Android product. Try it free. Download now.

Solve’s mobile app is available for all new iOS and Android based smartphones and tablets. It’s designed with simplicity in mind, helping your team spend more time with their clients and be more productive away from the office.

Some popular mobile features include:

  • Quick Search Easily navigate through your database
  • Custom Lists Dive deep using powerful & reusable searches
  • Activity Templates Instantly trigger best practice workflows
  • Personalized Emails Single tap to auto-fill templated emails
  • Reporting View and edit assigned opportunities, follow-ups, tasks and events
  • Calendar React to notifications and reminders and follow-up during downtime
  • Linked Emails Automatically link messages to shared records
  • Project Blogs Share properties with anyone outside your team


Map properties

Track data on a Google Map with the help of Solve’s Google Sheets reporting add-on. Visually display leases according to expiration date. List leads according to pipeline status. Or plot potential property data and location on a map for a client’s quick comparison. More…

Solve’s Google Sheets add-on also makes it easy to create personalized reports and charts, intelligently auto-complete, parse and map address data, or customize Google Sheets as a secondary linked database. More…


Automatically update your website with Solve properties

Using webhooks, customize Solve to automatically pull selected property data and images from your property blogs into your website. This appoints Solve as your master database and helps streamline the management of your website. Solution Partners can help with advanced customizations like webhooks.