API Reference: Companies


The Solve External API is implemented over HTTP and is RESTful. Every item has its own URI and is manipulated in isolation.

You will normally send your Request data in XML format, but we understand JSON and form encoded data just as well. If you want to use a non-XML request format, simply set the HTTP “Content-type” header to either application/json or application/x-www-form-urlencoded. Conversely, we will normally send response data in XML form, unless you set the HTTP “Accept” header to application/json.

Please note, access to features and data is limited to the actual user account being used to access the API. Likewise, admin actions cannot be performed via API (i.e. granting workgroup permissions, etc.). The admin has to do this from within the main system.


The API methods and parameters are the same for all record types, i.e. Contacts, Companies and Project Blogs. Simply use the appropriate segment name for the record type. For example, if creating a:

  • Contact, you’d use: https://secure.solve360.com/contacts/..
  • Companies, you’d use: https://secure.solve360.com/companies/..
  • Project Blogs, you’d use: https://secure.solve360.com/projectblogs/..