Business Technology Advisor (Sales)

Do you enjoy leading and setting the pace? Are you ready to hammer-down and realize your potential? In sales high performers hunt, listen, find the pain points, steer the conversation, make the need obvious, ask for the business, accept the thank you, get the referral, grab their reward, repeat. It’s a defined process that they scale through constant refinement. It gets ridiculous when they’re able to pair it all with hustle, authenticity and a touch of humility.

It’s easier to sell something that doesn’t suck. We’re an established software company, running at scale and on the verge of releasing a highly anticipated new product in a growing US market with a lot of unfilled demand. We’ve been partnered with Google for years and are adding Apple into the fold. There’s a history of high-brand value here with a base of loyal clients all over the world and now we’re relocating to Kelowna.

You’re in the right place if you excel at qualifying and hunting for the best prospects, get a rush from closing big leads and can flip around client objections. It’s a bonus if you’re …

  • Systematic, resourceful and driven
  • A people person; gifted at telling a story but also amazing at listening
  • Relatable; able to understand our client’s business and connect with their needs
  • Enjoy the hustle; saving client’s cats from trees while manning a phone on each ear

We’ll set you up to win and support you where you need it. If you nail it, you’ll be rewarded.

If you’re really good, there’s an opportunity for you to set the pace for the entire team. You’ll have room to round out your leadership qualities, expand the department, gain experience and essentially write your own cheques.

We invite candidates to reach out with their resume and cover letter at This is a rare opportunity to jumpstart your potential and get your foot in early as we look to make another major leap.