Solve Branding

General Guidelines

  • Always use “Solve”, or “Solve CRM”
  • Allow for clear space around the images
  • Don’t change the color of the images
  • Don’t rotate, skew or change the aspect ratio of the images
  • Don’t use the images on complex backgrounds
  • Don’t frame the images in a box
  • All brand elements must be presented in a positive context
  • When in doubt ask us

72x24 72x24

146x42 100x28

146x42 146x42

180x52 180x52

250x70 250x70

330x100 330x100

420x120 420x120

500x140 500x140

EPS version

Also available as White/White, Black/Black, Gray/Black, Blue/White on request.

Solve Symbol

24x24 24x24

38x38 38x38

64x64 64x64

100x100 100x100

134x134 134x134

170x170 170x170

EPS verion

Also available as White, Black, and Gray on request.

Solve™, Solve CRM™, and Solve360™ are trademarks of Norada Corporation.